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Angkor Thom Junior High School

To give the students who attend the school the highest possibility of success, the Junior High School provides extra-tuition to all those who wish to attend – covering everything from the school curriculum, including English and, made possible through the recent installation of solar energy, computing classes.
Lunch is provided for all students daily. This acts as both an incentive to attend classes, and to remain at school through the afternoon and take advantage of the extra classes provided by the school staff.
It is increasingly important to the philosophy of the school to ensure that the local community understands the importance of educating its youth. In this way, there are constant attempts to foster a sense of community for the school – for the villages to see it as their school and an important asset to the future of their village. Community members are consulted regarding decisions about the school and other community assistance is provided, for example, community-supported agriculture (where assistance is given to villagers to grow produce to be sold back to the school kitchen) as well as community education.
The school also has a large agriculture program which produces a large proportion of the supply of vegetables for the school kitchen. Whilst helping to ensure the children receive nutritional meals, it also provides a forum to equip students with some valuable skills.