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Only with the open hearts from our friends and supporters the projects could be realised. With their help we were able to build the school and also to maintain and expand.

Our special thanks go to:

Global Care e.V. of the company Knorr-Bremse in Munich, which has sponsored the infrastructure of the school and the construction of primary schools in peak Sneng and Sandan. We would especially like to thank Ms. Julia Schürhoff for her personal advice and active support.

Dr. Walter Keller, who has supported us from the beginning with generous donations and active help in Germany and Cambodia.

Mr. Richard Mayer, who funded the construction of the residential building for teachers and girls and also supported the project from the beginning.

Mrs. Elke and Mr. Peter Spitzweck of the Spitzweck foundation in Munich who supported the sewing center and elementary school with interior.

Mrs. Kornelia Knoppik, director of DHR Institute in Wolfersdorf in Germany, which provides the teachers’ salaries for Angkor-Thom Junior-Highschool.

The company Trachten Deiser, especially to Mr. Karlo Töpfer, for the support enables the payment of employees’ salaries.

Our friend Mrs. Emiko from Japan, who collected a lot of donation. With this support we expanded the health center and bought a piece of land for building the sewing and stonemason schools.

The Rotary Club Munich and Martinsried/Graefelfing, especially to Dr. Harald Tenschert for the interior of the girls boarding house  and the purchase of additional laptops for the computer instruction as well as payment for the computer teacher.

Lawyer Dr. Günther Bauer, who supports the project privat and also with his Advocate office.

Armin Kluge from Canada, who promoted many god parents and supports the biodynamic cultivation of vegetables in the garden.
Ingrid Helber, which provides us with her school experiences with words and deeds aside and thrilled her large circle of friends and acquaintances for sponsoring many godchildren.

All our friends and supporters who enable us to cover the running costs. Their support creates the opportunity of good education for the young people in Cambodia.

Allen Godparents who support our children and youths over many years financially and with her loving letters and advice.

The volunteers who supported our school with their abilities. They share their time, knowledge and enjoyment with our grateful students in Cambodia.